About Us

Sanubhai Basel served 2 years under SNV Nepal Project producing various materials/ tools utilized in modern bee-keeping therefore his creativity & originality has placed him as the chief in the bee-keeping work shop & tools resource centre currently.

This centre that has been producing bee hives and all related tools etc, has succeeded in making the comfoundation press (the key block to beehives) for the first time in Nepal.Beekper

This centre was established in September 1994; Chief Basel has been directly involved since the beginning and his learning, teaching & production of various tolls, products is ongoing.

The bee hives produced by this centre is marketed all over Nepal.

East to West, all farmers who use these products are overjoyed.

The products/ hives etc produced in this centre are reliable, strong and attractive because seasoned wood of the appropriate stock e. g. utis, tuni (local tree) etc species are used.Trainging

The farmers assert that these hives are realiale, enduring & appropriate.

Bee keeping training & tools etc production training is conducted by this centre as well as the production of the Newton B Square type for the Serena bee & the melifera lines throat hive are produced here as well.

Due to the on-the-spot training provided at the home locations of the trainees, farmers benefit conveniently, enormously.

Trainging Name: Sanubhai Basel
9841231601 Cell Phone
977-01-5174195 Landline
2010/2/28 Lalitpur-Godawari, Nepal

Work Experience: May 1992-Aug 1994 - Worked as technician assistant under Beetresp

Activities: . . . . . Resource Centre Chief